July 15 - The WCA family says that the two conferences it held last month in conjunction with the port of Barcelona were a resounding success, writes Alice Davidson.

365 delegates attended the Sino European Conference, with over 200 companies and 50 countries represented.

The 4th annual conference of the WCA Projects Network (WCAPN) followed and attracted over 100 delegates from more than 35 countries, focusing around discussions pertaining to project and break bulk moves around the world. 

The two events received numerous compliments to staff and organizers, and many delegates appreciated the smaller size events, as it allowed a "more intimate and better networking experience."

Andrew Wallace, a first time delegate to the 4th Annual WCAPN from Paccon Logistics, commented: "The 30 minute one-on-one meetings, whilst intense, certainly allow one to meet a substantial number of potential business partners across the globe that would take years to achieve in the normal course of business travel. Certainly at next years conference we will derive greater benefit as I now understand the conference process and will be able to better focus our time and energies."