June 19 - The oil and energy project division of Blue Water Shipping Singapore has delivered a large pedestal crane unit from Plimsoll MacGregor, Singapore to Jurong shipyard, Singapore for installation onto an oil rig.

A road survey was undertaken prior to the operation and because of loading restrictions, the pedestal crane was not allowed to be moved by road. This meant transport by tug and barge was the only option.

In order to move the crane, which weighed 78 tonnes and measured 28m in length, 5.8m in width and 8.4m in height, Blue Water Shipping utilised an 18-axle multi-trailer to transport it from Plimsoll MacGregor's yard to a private wharf. There, a 500 tonnes capacity mobile crane was used to load the chartered barge.

The whole logistics planning including safety provisions went smoothly and the delivery to the shipyard was on-time for the installation onto the rig.