Germany-based crane rental company Baukran Logistik (BKL) is expanding its presence in the country by launching a site in Aschaffenburg.  


Image source: Baukran Logistik (BKL)

The site will bring BKL’s mobile and tower crane services to customers in the south and east of the Frankfurt metropolitan region. 

“The primary goal of our expansion strategy is to maintain close relationships with our customers all over Germany and Europe. The expansion of BKL centre/west is the next logical step, with BKL Aschaffenburg increasing the radius of our crane solutions in the Rhine/Main area,” said Jörg Hegestweiler, managing director at BKL. 

The company has sites in the south and northeast regions which service areas around Munich and Hannover. The Aschaffenburg site will be its seventh location in Germany, said BKL. 

It is expected to be operational from March 15, 2023.