February 7 - Szczecin, Poland based BEST Logistics has delivered six reactors from the port of Szczecin to the port of Schwedt, Germany.

Each reactor measuring 7.5 m in height was transported by barge along the inland waterway network. To stabilise the over-dimensional cargo approximately 500 tonnes of gravel was loaded on board the barge as ballast.

The weather proved to be another challenge that BEST Logistics had to overcome. Due to a delay in the manufacturing process the final shipment was delayed by one month; the sixth reactor had to be shipped during January in heavy winter weather conditions.

Temperatures between -10°C and -15°C caused the inland waterways to freeze. In cooperation with Polish and German authorities, the transport barges were hooked up to icebreakers to ensure that BEST Logistics could deliver the shipment safely and on-time.