Maritime ropes and under-the-jib equipment supplier Lankhorst Ropes has supplied BigRoll Shipping with Lankoforce and Euroflex mooring ropes for use on the Dutch shipping line's newbuild module carriers.

The ropes will be employed on BigRoll's MC-class ships - BigRoll Bering, BigRoll Barentsz, BigRoll Baffin and BigRoll Beaufort. The first two vessels have been delivered to the line, with the last two expected to come into service later this year.

"BigRoll's MC Class vessels are specifically designed for the marine transportation of major modules and equipment for large energy projects to some of the most remote and inaccessible areas on the planet, such as the Arctic region," said a BigRoll spokesperson.

"The vessels have Finnish/Swedish 1A Ice Class, as well as a very high ballast capacity in order to reduce loading and discharge times, thereby also increasing safety levels during these operations. Lankhorst's Lankoforce rope provides the qualities needed to perform with both extremely heavy loads and challenging environmental conditions."

Lankhorst's commercial director - maritime, Hans-Pieter Baaij, explained that the Lankoforce rope utilises Dyneema SK78 fibres in a 12-strand braided design, offering a maximum strength rating of 35 cn/dtex (centiNewton/decitex).