August 28 - Construction work on the Global Tech 1 wind farm, located in the North Sea, got underway in September 2012. Its foundation structures are currently being transported to the construction site from BLG Logistics Group's (BLG) offshore terminal i

A further 51 tripods, each measuring 60 m high and weighing over 90 tonnes, have already been installed at the offshore site.
Engineering and construction firm Hochtief Solutions commissioned BLG for the transport of tower segments and nacelles for the Global Tech 1 wind farm. BLG loaded the first tower segments for the wind turbines on to the transport barge Stralsund at the Ambau GmbH manufacturing site in Bremen. BLG organised the sea fastening of the components and their onward transport to Bremerhaven.
Using SMPTs, BLG transported the nacelles and related components from their storage location at Areva Wind to Bremerhaven's Labradorhafen, before safely loading them onto a pontoon that was towed to the ABC-Halbinsel offshore terminal, also located in Bremerhaven. There, the components will be transferred onto the installation vessel Thor, which will complete their installation in the German North Sea.