September 5 - Blue Water Shipping has recently completed the onshore logistics for the 42 MW Tahkoluoto offshore wind farm project, on behalf of wind power producer Suomen Hyötytuuli Oy.

During a three-month period, Blue Water Shipping utilised its own equipment and local service providers at the pre-assembly site in Finland.

Blue Water was responsible for the transfer of components to storage areas, upending the components, and transferring them to the load-out position for the jack-up installation vessel Vole Au Vent, owned by Jan De Nul.

Jan De Nul's offshore jack-up vessel completed the installation of the turbines in Finland earlier this year, as HLPFI reported here. The wind farm features ten SWT-4.0-130 Siemens turbines, which are designed to withstand the rough, cold and icy winters in Finland.

The Tahkoluoto offshore wind farm is expected to be operational later this year.

In a separate project, Blue Water Shipping loaded 16 components designed and manufactured by Babcock & Wilcox Vølund for the construction of a waste incineration plant in Shenzhen, China.

The shipment weighed 370 tonnes and consisted of grid sections for two DynaGrate combustion systems and other components. The grates are used to convey and handle the municipal solid waste fuel used in the power plant.

Blue Water has been responsible for the entire transport from crane loading at B&W Vølund's production site in Esbjerg, Denmark, transport to the port, loading the cargo on board an Intermarine vessel, and the carriage to Shenzhen in China.

According to Blue Water, the components will arrive in Shenzhen in October, where they will be installed in the plant and transform waste into energy, as the plant combusts municipal waste to produce steam, which is used to turn turbines and generate electricity.

The loading of the 16 components was the first of three shipments of equipment. In autumn 2017, Blue Water will make two more shipments for the project.

A video of the project can be viewed here.