January 28 - Blue Water Shipping has handled the final shipments for a gas production plant in Ljungby, Sweden.

Last summer Blue Water signed a contract to provide complete logistics services for the plant, which is being built by Danish manufacturer Christian Nielsen Strandmøllen and is scheduled to be up and running in the summer of this year.

Blue Water has arranged the transportation of general and oversized cargo for the plant from a number of American and European suppliers, making use of its own offices and agents.

"The most complicated components we handled were four storage tanks measuring approximately 29.7 m x 4.5 m x 4.65 m and weighing 98 tonnes," explained Nikolaj Buurgaard Sørensen from Blue Water's project department.

"The tanks were transported from the Czech Republic to Germany, where the cargo was loaded onto a coaster before being sailed to the final destination in Sweden. One major challenge was the very low water level at the Elbe River, but we solved that issue by chartering a barge specifically designed for low water levels," he added.

In addition to transport and chartering, Blue Water also handled export/import Customs, terminal handling of the cargoes, heavy haulage and craning for the project.