March 18 - Georgia-based heavy lift and over-dimensional trucking firm Bennett Motor Express (BME) has joined the SmartWay Transport Partnership, a collaboration between US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the freight industry to increase energy

BME will contribute to the Partnership's goal of removing 33 to 66 million tonnes of carbon dioxide and up to 200,000 tonnes of nitrogen oxide per year by 2012 from the environment by improving the performance of its freight operations.


"BME believes the SmartWay Partnership aligns with the company's core value of safety," said BME president David Lowry.


Founded in 1974, Bennett Motor Express is the largest of nine businesses with the McDonough, Georgia-based Bennett International Group. BME is comprised of five divisions: flatbed, stepdeck, specialised truck transport, heavy haul as well as air and space services.


Launched in February 2004, the SmartWay Transport Partnership aims to achieve fuel savings of up to 150 million barrels of fuel per year and brings together major US freight shippers, trucking companies, railways, logistics companies and trade/professional associations to pursue efficiencies that result in emissions reductions and other environmental improvements as well as cost savings to the companies.