June 21 - German heavy hauler and project forwarder, Bohnet GmbH has completed its first assignment using 13 new InterCombi axle lines acquired from Scheuerle.

Bohnet was contracted by Hamburg based logistics firm Wallmann & Co to transport a 310 tonne Siemens gas turbine generator to the nearby port.

The generator measured 11 m x 4.8 m x 4.9 m - relatively compact for such a heavy load.

The Siemens turbine was hydraulically lifted from its position in the storage facility and loaded onto the 13-axle line InterCombi trailer. The trailer and generator, measuring 30 m x 4 m x 6 m, weighing 380 tonnes complete with gooseneck, then began moving slowly through the Hamburg streets.  With a 36-tonne axle load and 650 mm lifting height the trailer safely handled the load and road conditions.

The consignment headed towards the Hamburg docks, through the Wallmann & Co site. Steering angles of 60 degrees ensured there were no problems moving around the halls, stacks of containers and dock facilities.

Two Liebherr cranes with more than 300 tonnes of lifting capacity were used in tandem to lift the turbine safely onto the deck of a waiting cargo ship.