January 31 - Bolloré Logistics has completed the transport of a floating production unit (FPU) for Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) in the Republic of Congo and has been contracted by Siemens to coordinate transport and logistics operations for the Azura Ed

HHI selected Bolloré Logistics to coordinate the regional transport of a FPU as part of the Moho Nord exploration project on behalf of Total E&P.

The 60,000-tonne unit-its hull measuring 250 m long, 44 m wide and 18 m deep-was floated onto a Dockwise semi-submersible vessel in Ulsan, South Korea.

After a ten-day stopover in Port Gentil, Gabon, the FPU was towed by three Boskalis tug boats from the port to its implementation site offshore Pointe-Noire.

According to Bolloré Transport & Logistics Congo, it handled all of the administrative and Customs operations while HHI will handle the engineering, provisioning, construction and installation of the facility, which will be deployed in the Moho Nord field, 80 km off the coast of the Republic of the Congo.

According to Benoit Mbelo, oil and gas manager of Bolloré Transport & Logistics Congo, the project is ahead of schedule and first oil is expected midway through the first quarter of 2017.



Meanwhile, the industrial project teams of Bolloré Logistics Germany and Bolloré Transport & Logistics Nigeria have been contracted by Siemens to handle overall transport and logistics operations for the Azura Edo IPP project in Nigeria.

The project consists of the construction of a 450 MW gas turbine power station, located in the vicinity of Benin City, approximately 280 km east of Lagos, and the construction period is due run from the end of 2016 until early 2018, Bolloré explained.

The total weight of the project cargo consignment is estimated to be in excess of 30,000 tons (27,215 tonnes).

The first two heavy lift vessels transporting the gas turbines, transformers and generators, of which the heaviest individual unit weighs 220 tons (199 tonnes), were loaded in Europe in December 2016 and reached Koko port earlier this month.

The first turbine and generator were discharged directly onto the modular trailers of Bolloré Transport & Logistics Nigeria and transported 80 km overland to the final site, where they will be eventually offloaded onto the pre-laid foundations at the power plant.