July 30 - The BOW terminal in Vlissingen has been awarded a contract for the storage and transfers of 75 pile foundations, each weighing 850 tonnes, for the Gemini offshore wind farm project in the Dutch North Sea.

Two of BOW terminal's cranes - a Gottwald MK1500 and a Liebherr LR1600 - will work in tandem to lift the 850-tonne monopiles two at a time.

"The Gemini project is our 25th energy-related project since our establishment in October 2010 and our first project for the Dutch offshore wind market," said Arjen Pattenier, general manager of the BOW terminal.

The Gemini project is a 600 MW offshore wind farm, which is to be located 55 km north of the island of Schiermonnikoog in the North Sea. Once operational, the farm is scheduled to produce electricity for over 785,000 households per annum.

The wind turbine generators will be installed on the monopile foundations and connected to two offshore transformer platforms, from which two sets of 100 km long offshore cables will export the power to the onshore public grid owned by TenneT.