October 26 - Turkish project cargo forwarder Medden is looking forward to a busy autumn and winter 2011, say managers at the Izmir-based company, as orders for its project freight services grow in the second half of the year.

Early in the second half of 2011, six vessels were handled by Medden's agency and stevedore operatives at Turkey's Autoport terminal in Yenikoy-Izmit, carrying 16 turbines for the Metristepe wind farm project in Turkey.

Meanwhile, at Turkey's Samsun port, four vessels were handled to allow the discharge and transfer to surface transport for a 16 turbine windmill project in Tokat, Turkey. This project will be followed up by another 16 turbines which Medden will handle at Samsun port, with the these destined for Amasya, Turkey during November and December 2011.

In a third project, 15 foundation sections were handled by Medden at Bandýrma/Gemlik, Turkey for transport to a new wind farm being built Balikesir, Turkey.

A shipment from Izmir, Turkey to Finland of 11 items of building modules was handled by Medden, prior to shipment on the Dornum for a Finn Invest project.

A range of power project shipments were also facilitated by Medden during this period, with 72 tonne power units being handled at Iskenderun port, Turkey, and three hydraulic turbines being moved 650 km inland from Haydarpasha to Sinop/Boyabat; as well as electricity transformers being handled at Turkey's Izmir and Rize ports.

In a demonstration of its capabilities in the handling of pleasure craft, the company reports that it has managed the shipment of three yachts all discharged at Aliaga/Petkim terminal.