February 13 - CEA Projects and Logistics Thailand has transported oversized and heavy oil refinery equipment through Thailand to Mataphut port, bound for Iraq.

The Cargo Equipment Experts (CEE) network member for Thailand successfully moved the 836-ton (758.4-tonne) consignment consisting of numerous over-dimensional cargoes.  The largest pieces were eight units measuring 14.3 m x 6.5 m, weighing 65 tons (58.9 tonnes) each.
Another eight units weighing 25 tons (22.7 tonnes) respectively and measuring 6.8 m x 3 m x 5.2 m were hauled to the port on low-bed trailers.
The larger units had to be top-and-tail lifted into a horizontal position using two 200-tonne cranes in order to be moved on hydraulic trailers.
The factory where the goods were manufactured is located only 12 km from Mataphut port. However, the cargoes had to be transported on a much longer route in order to avoid overhead obstructions.
Four trips carried out over two days were required to shift all the machinery. CEA Projects worked in close coordination with local police, telephone, highway and related authorities to cut power supplies, lift telephone and power lines, remove overhead signs and to negotiate other obstacles in order to complete the project.