June 25 - Further to our story June 11, the project cargo consignment consisting of chains built by Vicinay Cadenas and eight suction anchors manufactured by Navacel, has been shipped by barge from the port of Bilbao to a gas platform offshore that is bei

Servicios Logísticos Portuarios (SLP) was the agent which coordinated the shipment.

Given the complexity of the movement of pieces of this size, the loading and lashing operations required many weeks of work.

Six of the suction anchors are 9.5 m in diameter and 20 m long, and the other two measure 14 m in length.

These anchors are part of an offshore regasification plant anchored about 10 miles off the coast of Israel, which supplies gas to the gas terminal Hadera north of Tel Aviv.

The gas is discharged in liquid form from conventional LNG ships to a regasification vessel. A special buoy, used to anchor the regasification vessel and its pipeline, is secured in place by the eight suction anchors and eight sections of chain 400 to 600 m in length.