Collett & Sons has taken delivery of a Nooteboom Manoovr heavy-duty trailer.

Nooteboom nooteboom heavy lift trailer

The 2+6 stepframe features an adjustable platform height ranging from 920 mm to 780 mm at the lowest point. The hydro-pneumatic suspension makes it possible to load jacked-up loads without the need for a crane.

The semi-low loader features a 70 degree steering angle. The pendulum axles have an axle load capacity of 12 tonnes, the highest permitted axle load in Europe.


Collett has been busy expanding its fleet of abnormal load transport equipment recently. In February, HLPFI reported that it would acquire Plant Speed’s specialist wind turbine transportation fleet.

Taking the decision to remove itself from the wind energy industry and focus more on haulage operations, Bristol-based PlantSpeed’s entire fleet of super wing carriers, extendable trailers and lift adapters have been acquired by Halifax-based Collett.

With multiple wind energy projects scheduled throughout 2022, Collett took the opportunity to expand its equipment fleet, adding Nooteboom super wing carriers, quadruple extendable blade trailers and lift adapters, alongside several specialist adapters including gyrostat tables, loading beds and tower hooks.