April 10 - Conxion Logistics has completed four heavy lifts at the Mesaieed port for Qatar Fuel Additives Company (QAFAC) for the QAFAC Turnaround project 2014.

The shipment arrived at the industrial port in south Qatar on board the chartered vessel, Genius Star IX, and Conxion arranged Customs clearance, transportation and delivery of the four units from Mesaieed to the QAFAC plant site.

The cargo consisted of one unit weighing 48 tonnes with a length of 31 m and width of 3.2 m, a second unit weighing 61 tonnes with a length of 30 m and width of 3 m, a third unit weighing 54 tonnes with a length of 30 m and width of 3.2 m and a final unit weighing 52 tonnes, also with a length of 30 m and width of 3.2 m.

Due to the dimensions and weight of the cargo, the vessel cranes were unable to unload the units so two mobile cranes, with a 650-tonne and 500-tonne capacity, were used to transfer the cargo from the vessel to a trailer.

Conxion also arranged all of the required security escorts and permits to deliver the units to the QAFAC yard, where a 300-tonne capacity crane was used to offload the cargo.

Conxion has an exclusive contract for logistics services with QAFAC. The QAFAC turnaround project began this month and is scheduled for completion by May 31, 2014.

Conxion Logistics
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