March 11 - CSL, a provider of professional claims, risk control and recovery services to the marine insurance industry, has released an update of conditions of ports and hinterland connections in Chile two weeks after the country was rocked by a major ear

The CSL Major Incident Response Team has worked with local agents to compile the update of infrastructure conditions as they affect cargo and relief operations in the country.

The main findings are:

The gantry cranes at San Antonio Terminal remain derailed while one crane suffered contact damage for a ship that broke her moorings;

Talcahuano port remains closed. The port's 180 tonne crane was knocked down by 15 m waves.

San Vicente port remains clogged with debris, the main port area, quayside and associated infrastructure remain damaged and the depth and nature of the sea bed, including navigation channels, remains uncertain.

Three of the four crossings of the River Bio Bio have been severely damaged or destroyed by the earthquake. The one road crossing that remains intact is also damaged and restricted to light, one-way traffic only. A disused railway bridge and the installation of temporary Bailey bridges are being considered to alleviate the bottlenecks.