April 17 - Dan-Czech Special Transport has transported a 153-ton (138.8-tonne), 8.3 m wide ring from Ostrava, Vítkovice, to the river port of Melník, in the Czech Republic.

The total dimensions, including the push truck, measured 45m x 8.3 m x 4 m and had a total weight of 246.8 tons (224 tonnes).

The Goldhofer STHP/ET16 trailer was pulled by a Volvo FH16 prime mover, equipped with super crawler gears, and the highest engine break horsepower on the market, claims Dan-Czech. The prime mover was modified to enable the transport of the total weight of the vehicle, which reached 350 tons (317.5 tonnes).

The cargo was transported 385 km to Port Melník where it be will transported by barge to Hamburg. From Hamburg, the cargo will travel to the UAE.