January 22 - Darka Shipping Agencies, a member of the Port Sudan-based Darka for Trading and Services group, has secured a contract with Red Sea Petroleum Operating Company (RSPOC) to work the Block 15 (Tokar delta) section of the Red Sea.

Darka vice chairman and business development manager, Mohamed AM Osman, said contract negotiations for the new USD50 million offshore oil drilling campaign in the Sudanese Red Sea were highly competitive.

He said: "A detailed and tailored solution was developed that met the very specific and complex needs of the client."

A helicopter and two new specialist 2,538 tonne offshore supply ships will provide around-the-clock logistics support to service a drilling rig located 70 nautical miles from Port Sudan for a period of six months.

"A critical part of the work will be liaison between our company and the rig to ensure all air and sea transport movements operate smoothly and effectively in and out of the port area," Osman said.

The drilling assignment includes use of the West Prospero, which is currently operating in Block 15, and was upgraded with high pressure, high temperature (HTHP) capabilities prior to moving to Sudan from Indonesia on a heavy lift vessel through the Gulf of Aden.