December 17 - Schenker Deutschland AG has transported five yachts weighing 540 tonnes in total to the halls of the D

The trade fair logisticians have set a new record with this consignment. "This is the heaviest total weight we have ever had in one special transport for 'boot' since this international trade fair first started," confirmed Ulrich Zähres from Schenker Deutschland's branch office in the Düsseldorf Exhibition Center.

When empty, the largest yacht shipped, the Bandido 90, weighs almost 210 tonnes.

The five luxury yachts were carried on deck from the Taiwanese port of Kaohsiung to Rotterdam, where they were placed onto pontoons with the aid of heavy-duty floating cranes. From there, they were transported on the Rhine to Düsseldorf. DB Schenker used low loaders for unloading onto a ramp set up by the company itself. The low loaders were initially positioned under the yachts on the floating pontoons, hydraulically raised and then transported onto land and to the trade fair hall by means of two heavy-duty trucks.

DB Schenker will be moving another 37 boats from the Rhine to the exhibition grounds before the start of the boat show on 17 January 2009.