July 19 - The Deutsche Bahn corporation said that DB Schenker, the transportation and logistics division of Deutsche Bahn, is to bundle its management functions in Frankfurt am Main.

330 senior managers of DB Schenker Logistics, DB Schenker Rail and the cross-unit functions from the division are to be moved to Frankfurt.

DB says that the move will improve Schenker's integration and to give the company a better ability to respond to markets outside Germany.

Dr Karl-Friedrich Rausch, Member of the Management Board of DB Mobility Logistics commented that, "As a key international business capital, Frankfurt is an attractive logistics centre. Our intention is to expand our international business operations from Frankfurt. The future of logistics is in cost-effective carriers providing cross-sector services for our customers. With management concentrated at one location, we have the optimum conditions to expand. Frankfurt was the obvious choice."

The position of Schenker's traditional headquarters in the Ruhr remained unclear. Schenker has traditionally had a strong presence in the former German industrial heartland of the Ruhr. It is possible that the move to Frankfurt may be an attempt to give DB Schenker a clearer identity and possibly more autonomy within the wider Deutsche Bahn Mobility Logistics Group.