October 21 - DHL Industrial Projects, Ecuador carried out a huge relocation project, moving the 53-year-old Mariscal Sucre International Airport to its new site in Tababela, 18 km away from its former site in the capital city of Quito.

DHL was originally contracted to move equipment for QUIPORT, the company charged with the design, building and operation of the new airport, and ADC & HAS, the operators of the airport. However, DHL also offered its services to other privately-owned companies operating in the airport and was subsequently required to move up to 60 percent of the entire tonnage for relocation.

The Industrial Projects team was also charged with coordinating the hours and clearances of all movement of cargo and equipment at the new site, as well as certifying all subcontractors, including packing, moving and special transport companies.

The movement of cargo, of which the largest piece was a 60-tonne tow truck for a 747-400 plane, took a total of ten days to complete.

The new airport, which sits on a patch of land ten times larger than the previous location, is positioned in a much safer location and has a longer runway which allows for greater cargo capacity for an airport which already handles 164,700 tonnes of freight per year.

"The transfer of goods and equipment from the old airport to the new airport was a landmark project for the city of Quito, proving to be the most important logistical challenge the city has had in its history," says Andrew O' Brian, president and general director of Airports Council International.



Watch DHL Industrial Projects' monumental move here: