February 27 - Egyptian Global Logistics (EGL) has completed the discharging operation of a dismantled Liebherr LR1400-2 crawler crane.

The 500-ton (453.6-tonne) capacity crane was offloaded in 47 pieces, with a total weight of 412 tons (373.8 tonnes) and a volume of 1,064 cu m.

The pieces were offloaded using a 250-ton (226.8-tonne) capacity mobile shore crane at Alexandria Port, Egypt.



Meanwhile, in a separate project, Yuexin Logistics has transported a 53-ton (48-tonne) hydraulic winch from Nantong, China to Aioi, Japan.

The hydraulic winch measured 8.6 m x 7.0 m x 8.5 m and had a volume of 513.2 cu m.

Yuexin Logistics arranged a low tail truck to collect the cargo from the factory and transport it to the terminal in Nantong, where the consignment was shipped to Aioi onboard a vessel charted by Yuexin Logistics.

Yuexin was responsible for the Customs clearance as well as arranging the slings for the lifting and loading of the cargo.


Both companies are members of the XLProjects network in their respective countries.