May 28 - ABC Cargo Logistic has transported electrostatic heater treatment equipment from the shipper's facilities in Carenco, Los Angeles to Houston.

ABC handled the crating of the equipment before loading the cargo onto steel stands using hydraulic jacks, due to the cranes at the shipper's facility not being strong enough to lift the load.

The cargo was first transported by road from Carenco to the nearest barge station in New Iberia, which required ABC to gain permission from the Louisiana authorities and utility companies due to the width and height of the equipment.

At the barge station, the electrostatic heater treatment equipment was loaded onto the barge and shipped to the Port of Houston, where the cargo was transferred directly from the barge to the upper deck of a waiting vessel.

The consignment was finally shipped to Colombia's Barranquilla Port, where another barge was waiting to deliver it to an oilfield.

ABC Cargo Logistic is a member of the WCA Projects network.