February 12 - Multimodal transportation specialist Quality Freight Group (QFG) has transported various wind farm components from Germany to Northern Ireland for Wind NI.

QFG collected second hand wind turbines and blades from four sites across Germany using 12 standard trailers and three specialised extendable trailers for the oversized wind blades.

The cargo was delivered to the Duncan Plant & Construction site in Ballycastle for refurbishment, before final delivery to the wind farms.

QFG also operates its own state of the art port facility at Ellesmere port in Merseyside, which has handled over 150,000 tonnes of biomass wood pellets for one of the UK's major energy providers.

Pellets are delivered by ship and road tipper to the port, before being transported to the power station via QFG's own rail terminal, which handled up to 17 trains per week in 2013.

"The complexity and diversity of renewable energy transportation projects from biomass to wind turbines require tailored solutions and QFG has demonstrated success in meeting all our clients' requirements," said QFG's business development manager, Shaun Ryan.