May 7 - Almajdouie recently safely executed the challenging job of simultaneously moving three huge evaporators in Rabigh, Saudi Arabia.

The job was carried out in a partnership between Korean power project specialist Doosan Heavy Industries and Almajdouie, the latter entrusted with the responsibility of all land transportation in Saudi Arabia.

The scope involved haulage and positioning of the evaporators in Rabigh, in the western part of RSA, where construction of DHI's power project is underway.


The evaporators had to be moved from the jetty at Rabigh port to the Rabigh PP2 project site, a distance of 35 km.

Each evaporator measured 34.2 m in length, 13.20 m in width and 9.51 m in height, with the total weight being 460 tonnes including all steel beams.

The cargo was received at Petro Rabigh's laydown area with specialised arrangements.