October 3 - Belgium's port of Antwerp has launched a new international branding campaign: Everything is possible in the port of Antwerp.

The campaign, which runs until the end of 2014, highlights the gateway's 'can do' mentality - which is one of the port's greatest strengths, say a number of customers featured in the promotion.

The message is being spread with 30 case studies from various sectors, which deliver a full view of the service package offered by the gateway. A new case study will be issued every two weeks focusing on subjects such as sustainability, Customs service, storage, added-value services and intermodal solutions. All of them share the same theme: Everything is possible in the port of Antwerp.

To spread the message the port will be making extensive use of social media. "In this way everyone who receives the message can in turn become an ambassador for our port, by helping to spread the word. In fact we are counting on the participation of the port community and of our local and international partners to push our brand - the port of Antwerp - through their social media contacts," commented Luc Arnouts, chief commercial officer of Antwerp Port Authority.

More information regarding the port of Anwterp and its new campaign can be found at the link below.