October 22 - A trio of destinations from Rotterdam has been served by sailings of the heavy lift line Beluga working with its Waalhaven terminal stevedoring partner.

RHB Stevedoring & Warehousing recently handled three of Beluga's ships simultaneously. This was an exceptional sight at the port, though in due course it may become a regular occurrence says the port.


Beluga MumbaiBeluga Frequency and Beluga Recommendation was each loaded with project cargoes, transformers and generators weighing between 200 and 420 tonnes. The pieces were delivered to RHB from Germany, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and France by various forwarders. The destinations are Kuwait, the USA and South Africa. The latter country is served by a Beluga semi-liner service. 

The port of Rotterdam says that it is growing in attraction to heavy lift shipping lines handling project cargo thanks to a combination of inland shipping links and floating / lifting capacity that can be tailored for any weight of cargo.