April 20 - A one-day seminar, Heavy Lift Transport & Lifting, is to be held in Houston on the 8th May 2009 on the 'do's and don'ts' of the heavy lift industry, hosted by Richard L Krabbendam, a 36-year veteran of the high and heavy industry.

According to Krabbendam, the best way to avoid accidents is to have staff and crews as well-trained and prepared as possible. "In our business of moving and lifting heavy objects, we have to send our operators on the job well prepared and equipped with the correct work instructions. That is the least we can do to try to avoid accidents," says Krabbendam.

A key responsibility of staff is to know fully the consequences of their actions, he believes. This applies equally to senior management and junior personnel.

"My presentations are intensive but kept simple and are suitable for operational personnel, engineers as well as management and sales people," he says. The seminar costs USD 450/person and takes place from 09.00 to 17.00 on Friday May 8th.

Bookings can be made at heavyliftspecialist@gmail.com  Details about other courses due to be held in The Netherlands in November can be found on www.heavyliftspecialist.com