May 26 - Fairstar Heavy Transport's Fjell has successfully completed its maiden contract in Trapani, Sicily.

Fjell was used to transport the 7,000 dwt chemical tanker Marettimo M from the Cantiere Navale di Trapani (CNT) shipyard in Trapani, Sicily and launch it into a safe location in Trapani harbour. Working closely with Mammoet, the world's leader in land-based heavy transport, the "Marettimo M" was rolled onto the Fjell's deck using Mammoet SPMTs. Once onboard, Fjell sailed to a nearby location and submerged to a depth sufficient to allow the "Marettimo M" to float off and be towed to a quayside in Trapani.

Dave Hangoor, Fairstar operations manager commented: "For three days Fairstar, Mammoet and CNT worked almost around the clock to prepare the cargo and Fjell. Mammoet performed with its usual professionalism and once the cargo was onboard, it was up to the Fairstar team to finish the job. We worked within a very small margin of error and we are extremely satisfied that Fjell performed so well on its maiden contract. Float-offs require a high degree of skill and experience. Fairstar has served its client safely and reliably."

Philip Adkins, Fairstar's CEO reported from location in Trapani: "This contract really played to the strengths of our ship and our personnel. The shallow draft and high weight-bearing features of the Fjell allowed us to position the ship at the quay. The advantage of our open stern allowed Mammoet to access the deck with its SPMT's to load on this sizable cargo."

The ship is now en route to Lobito, Angola where she will be loaded with a cargo of FPSO components for transport to the DSME yard in Okpo, Korea.