November 4 - French company Flying Whales has signed an agreement with AVIC (Aviation Industry Corporation of China) General Aircraft, which is intended to speed up its programme to build a 60-tonne capacity airship, dubbed LCA60T, for the global transpor

A statement suggested that the agreement paves the way for a long-lasting research and development and industrial cooperation between the two parties.

HLPFI reported in July 2016 that Flying Whales was joining forces with Germany headquartered ultracapacitator developer Skeleton Technologies to build the LCA60T airship.

Mr Qu, chairman of AVIC General Aircraft, explained that the LCA60T is well suited to China's immense territory, where certain regions remain inaccessible to alternative means of transport.

Flying Whales claims that the 60-tonne capacity airship opens huge opportunity for low-cost, environmentally-friendly transportation of heavy and oversize loads.