April 8 - VIVA Espana! June 2010 will see the 4th WCA Projects Network Conference being held in Barcelona, Spain.

A very important organisation for project related forwarding and services, the WCA Projects Network (WCAPN) continues to grow and attract shippers, as well as projects owners and managers alike.

Whilst members of the network are already positioned across the globe, geographical coverage will expand further into developing areas in 2010 as a WCAPN regional office becomes active in Ghana, Africa. The opening of this new office is already attracting major project companies as movements increase in mining, infrastructure development, oil and gas expansion, etc.

Around 150 members of the WCAPN from 70 countries are expected in Barcelona to discuss current trends and methodologies, cooperation and strategy, as well as the future of the project forwarding arena.

There will be specially invited guest companies which specialise in project work and are looking for suitably qualified partners. Membership of the WCAPN is stringently controlled and each project handler must pass all criteria set by the WCA Family of Logistic Networks. Admission to the Conference is for members only.