G2 Ocean and Grieg Maritime Group are joining other industry partners to study whether green ammonia can power open-hatch carriers on transatlantic voyages.


The project was initiated in January 2022 and is currently in its planning stages. Participating organisations also include Suzano, ABB, Ammonia, ColliCare Logistics, Daphne Technology, DNV, MAN, Skuld, Umoe Advanced Composites and Wärtsilä.

Suzano, a Brazilian pulp and paper manufacturer, is one of G2 Ocean’s customers. G2 ceo Arthur English explained: “We brought in Suzano, not only because they are a key customer of G2 Ocean, but they also share our commitment to play an active role in society’s decarbonisation. We look forward to working closely with them on this important initiative.

“Our ambition is to find viable solutions to decarbonise our current fleet, and we hope this project will bring us one step closer to a greener future. Still, this project is in its early stages, and a lot of work must be done before any decisions are made.”

The study will analyse the technical, operational, and commercial risks and benefits of dedicating a vessel to green ammonia fuel. The trade route used for the study has been pre-determined: the first leg is the approximately 4,700 nautical miles from Antwerp and Rotterdam in northern Europe to Houston and Mobile in the US Gulf; the second 4,810 nautical mile leg is from the US Gulf to ports in southeast Brazil; and the longest leg of all — and potentially the most challenging — is the 4,915 nautical mile voyage from Brazil back to northern Europe.

The final part of the voyage requires a capacity for up to 1,704 cu m of ammonia, based on an average speed of 15 knots.