Shipping line G2 Ocean has launched a carbon offset programme for its customers, enabling them to digitally offset the emissions of their shipments by choosing to fund one or multiple trusted climate projects.

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The carbon offset programme will be available for G2 Ocean’s customers through the company’s digital customer platform, MyG2.

By offsetting shipping emissions, the customer agrees to purchase credits for certified carbon offset projects offered through G2 Ocean’s partner Chooose. “We recognise that carbon offsetting is not a long-term solution for climate change, and it will not replace our emission reduction initiatives. Still, carbon offsetting has an important role to play alongside other more permanent solutions as companies transition to net zero, which is why we are now offering this service to our customers,” said ceo Arthur English.  

Examples of the projects that reduce, avoid, or remove greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere include landfill gas energy projects or programmes that promote renewable energy. 

“Both G2 Ocean and many of our customers are eager to reduce our environmental footprint. With this new service, we make it easy and secure for our customers to do so,” English added.

Through its partnership with Chooose, G2 Ocean is also committed to offsetting its scope 2 and 3 emissions such as electricity consumption and business travel.

The introduction of the carbon offset programme is a step for G2 Ocean toward its targets of becoming a net-zero emissions company by 2050 and offering customers net-zero transport options within 2022. To help achieve these emissions reduction targets, G2 Ocean has established a Decarb task force with its owners Gearbulk and Grieg Star. The task force identifies operational, commercial, and technical initiatives to achieve the defined targets, and implements these with support from allocated internal resources.