December 15 - GAC Laser International Logistics (GAC Laser) has successfully moved five 25 tonne brewery tanks from the Netherlands to Rosslyn, north of Pretoria, in

Commissioned by brewery specialists Ziemann Group in Germany, the project entailed sailing from Antwerp through GAC agent Zust & Bachmeier, clearance on arrival at Richards Bay and a week-long road trip to their final destination.

Regional Managing Executive Carol Holland and colleagues at GAC Laser Durban were at the port when the 22 metre long tanks arrived, to ensure that the eight hour unloading operation was carried out with the utmost care and in accordance with South African Port Operations safety procedures, before they started their 700 km journey by truck to Rosslyn.

Ms Holland says the eight months of planning in preparation for the project paid off. Despite the huge unusual loads and challenges involved, the operation was completed without any 'spills', much to the satisfaction of Joachim Breitenbach of Ziemann Group.

"When fully operational, these five tanks - each capable of holding 615, 441 litres - will have enough beer to fill over 5.4 million glasses of beer in pubs throughout South Africa and I can picture a lot of happy customers as a result," she quipped.

GAC Laser is jointly owned and controlled by South African logistics company The Laser Group, and the Dubai-based GAC Group.