May 30 - Southampton headquartered GAC Pindar recently shipped a 70 m yacht mast from Valencia, Spain to Hong Kong.

When the mast on the vessel "Freefire" broke, sailing enthusiast and businessman Sam Chan turned to GAC Pindar to deliver a replacement as soon as possible.
The mast was trucked from Spain to Luxembourg, where it was flown to Hong Kong. Maritza Lopez, GAC Pindar operations coordinator, commented: "Jobs of such nature usually require meticulous planning and preparation. In this case, due to the urgency of the job, there was little turnaround time, but that did not stop our experienced team from delivering the mast on time."
Upon arrival in Hong Kong, GAC's local team delivered the mast to the Hong Kong Yacht Club.
Sam Chan's boat captain, Russ Parker, explained that they used GAC Pindar because it is the official partner of the Hong Kong Yacht club, adding: "GAC Pindar has an in-depth knowledge of racing team requirements, and understands the intricacy and urgency needed to make things happen. We are very pleased with a job well done and us now having the opportunity to get back on the race course!"