January 29 - Gebr

GW completed the project for Swiss-based cable railway system manufacturer Bartholet Maschinenbau. The government in Puebla will operate the aerial tramway for the transport of tourists.

The time-sensitive nature of the shipment led the customer to choose air freight as its preferred mode of transport.

The special project, handled by four flights with a chartered B747 freighter, included two gondolas with dimensions of 4.5 m x 2.5 m x 3 m, steel parts for construction of the cable car stations, and three cable car pylons weighing 31.8 tonnes each. GW also shipped track and haul ropes weighing 90.7 tonnes. Some of the pieces were as long as 13.8 m. 25 trucks and three sprinters were needed to transport the cargos to Frankfurt-Hahn airport, noted GW.

According to Marc Kirchberger, airfreight export manager at GW: "It does not happen very often that a complete cable car is loaded into wide-bodied freight aircrafts," and that "in particular the safe packaging of the goods and the proper loading of the cargo airplanes were logistical challenges."

Upon arrival in Puebla, a special crane was used to load the pieces onto trailers for delivery to the construction site.