March 7 - Tradelossa has transported a 200-tonne generator from the port of Altamira to a thermal power station in the state of Durango, where rigging operations were performed to position the generator on its foundations.

The generator, which had the dimensions 6.9 m x 5.1 m x 4.2 m, had to be installed on a base which was positioned 17 m above ground level, meaning that the cargo had to be raised and slid horizontally a distance of 10 m to be placed in its final position.

To perform this manoeuvre Tradelossa used its own specialised hydraulic strand jacks, which are able to support a load of up to 333 tonnes and raise it to the desired height.

The area available to Tradelossa to perform the rigging was limited and the unit had to be raised through a narrow space to be installed on the foundations, while the company ensured that the structure suffered no damage.