March 17 - A giant propeller weighing 113 tonnes and measuring 10.3 m wide was loaded at Container Terminal Werder on the container ship Hyundai Together at the Port of Hamburg.

The HHLA IV floating crane lifted the giant crane from its pontoon into ship's hold.

Mecklenburger Metallguss GmbH in Waren (Müritz) manufactured the propeller and a 30 m long heavy goods vehicle transported it to Hamburg along the A19 and A24 motorways at the end of February. The HHLA IV took the propeller to its berth for temporary storage.

The ship propeller left the Port of Hamburg on Hyundai Together. Its journey will take it to a South Korean shipyard, where an 18,000-teu container ship is currently being built.

Six more ship propellers of this kind are to be transshipped via the Port of Hamburg this year, with the next shipment due to take place at the beginning of June.

Thomas Kahl, from Hyundai Merchant Marine Germany (HMM), explained: "HMM has been active in the break bulk market for twenty years. Shipping heavy and high-volume cargo is part of our everyday business, but transporting a propeller like this is nonetheless a challenge."