October 27 - A 380-tonne reactor, manufactured by Schoeller-Bleckmann Nitec (SBN), has been loaded at Felbermayr's heavy lift port in Linz.

SBN also opted for final assembly of the high-pressure equipment at the heavy load port.

The 380-tonne reactor, which measured 27.5 m long by 3.93 m wide, was lifted on to a 16-axle self-propelled unit by an overhead crane in the manufacturing hall, before being transported to the nearby inner harbour.

Another smaller reactor, weighing 150 tonnes, was transported to the harbour on an eight-axle SPMT and also loaded onto the inland waterway vessel.

Both reactors were shipped to Antwerp, accompanied by two additional components weighing 130 and 240 tonnes respectively.

The barging of the cargo from Linz to the port of Antwerp was managed by Felbermayr subsidiary company Haeger & Schmidt, which is based in Duisburg.

The final destination of the two large reactors is a factory in Texas, USA. 

With approximately 220,000 sq m of open space and 5,000 sq m of assembly and storage halls, Felbermayr's port in Linz can handle loads of up to 600 tonnes, using its two gantry cranes with 400-tonne and 200-tonne lifting capacities.