November 20 - Heavy haulage company Botros-Yigit-Nata (BYN) has used two Goldhofer ten-axle THP/SL heavy-duty modules to transport a 247-tonne refinery boiler from the Turkish port of Iskenderun to Erbil in Iraq.

The boiler, which had a length of almost 62 m and a diameter of 3.5 m, was first shipped from Jebel Ali to the port of Iskenderun, from where the cargo was transported over 1,150 km to a refinery in Erbil.

Goldhofer claims that this was the first time a load of this size has been transported to Iraq, via Turkey, in a single operation. The journey lasted a total of 20 days.

"We spent six months planning this project and performing a detailed inspection of the roads down to the very last bend. Once we had the permits for the journey, it was simply a question of the reliability of our Goldhofer modules. And they did not let us down once," said BYN general manager Aydin Fatah.

The Goldhofer axle lines had a gross combination length of almost 70 m, and a load height of 5.25 m.