December 3 - Almost 110 years after his death, Gottfried Schenker , the founder of the Schenker forwarding company, has been posthumously inducted into the Logistik Hall of Fame in Vienna.

The citation was presented by Anita Würmser, the chair of the jury, to Dr Hansjörg Rodi, chairman of the board of management of Schenker Deutschland and Elmar Wieland, chairman of the Schenker board of management, Vienna.

The global forwarder has a heavy lift division, Schenker Global Projects, which uses its expertise to satisfy the demands placed on the transportation of heavy, large-scale industrial plant as the sector becomes more complex.

Würmser says: "Gottfried Schenker's entrepreneurial talent and creative vision laid the foundation for consolidated transport, making it possible for the logistics sector to make significant advances."

The Logistik Hall of Fame was founded in 2003 and is supported by numerous industry associations and organizations, including the German Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs.

The Swiss-born Schenker saw that there were great opportunities in East-West transport at the beginning of the railway era and moved to Vienna where he founded his freight forwarding company in 1872. He had the idea of consolidating small shipments together into larger shipping units and to transport them over longer distances via various modes of transport. He died on November 26, 1901 in Vienna.