January 31 - The Global Project Logistics Network (GPLN) recently completed its first technical training course after Breakbulk Asia in Singapore, conducted by Gert J. Vos, a twenty plus year industry expert and was attended by 53 delegates from several c

The course covered various subjects including: Heavy Lift - the various types of cranes and lifting equipment, making a lifting plan and stability during lifting activities; Exceptional Transport - load capacity on various vehicle types including SPMTs and platform trailers, as well as stability of transport equipment; Load Securing - lashing / securing / dunnaging; Lifting with Hydraulic Gantry and Strand Jacks - Hydraulic gantry cranes (tower lifts) and the principles of strand jacks; New INCOTERMS - what terms have changed and how that affects project forwarders and charterers; and Checklist for Project Forwarders - which enabled learners to create their own checklist and thus eradicate mistakes.

GPLN says that the entire course was well received and a networking cocktail was held afterwards.

GPLN is planning a similar course to take place in Antwerp on May 20, immediately following Breakbulk Europe. For more information on enrolling in this course please contact GPLN's commercial director, Luzius Haffter:l.haffter@gpln.net