March 2 - H

The K22 is based on a joint development platform of the TII Group which says that the concept is the ideal means of transport if platform height and weight are the decisive criteria for any transportation task.

A company statement says that the K22's low, broad, high load-capacity and flexibility were important features which ultimately convinced the Dinslaken-based hauliers Hövelmann & Böckenholt to purchase a transport combination consisting of 14 KAMAG K22 axle lines, gooseneck and a flat bed deck.

According to the TII Group, the K22 series provides Hövelmann & Böckenholt with an optimal and very flexible transport combination, whether it is a ship´s transmission system, power plant components or oversized transportation crates.

Despite being loaded directly onto the platform trailer, exceptionally high cargoes can be transported under bridges or high voltage power lines without any problem. The modern pendulum axle technology with a steering angle up to 60 degrees turns even the longest combination into a flexible heavy goods unit and the modular system offers various options for configuring of corresponding vehicle combinations. .

The pictures below show a crate weighing 100 tonnes and 7.5 m high by 4.6 m wide which was delivered by Hövelmann & Böckenholt to a plant in Duisburg.