November 19 - The HAE Group has acquired its long-standing partner in South Africa, Groupair.

HAE says that the Johannesburg-based neutral cargo consolidator has the same ideals, business model and customer focus and will enable HAE to continue its growth in Africa.

Groupair has been established for over 20 years and its new owner says that its neutral freight wholesaler activity is the perfect fit for HAE's diverse business divisions.

HAE says it plans to introduce its GSSA services into South Africa via Groupair.

It adds that Groupair's identity in the local market has been formed over a significant amount of time and it is recognised as a key service provider to the forwarding community in Johannesburg. 

A company spokesperson said: "We would not seek to change this, but hopefully enhance the offerings through merging of systems, senior commercial management initiatives globally and integration into the HAE Group global network.

"We foresee that Groupair will continue to trade under its own identity whilst it will be known that Groupair is part of the HAE group.