Mammoet Australia has introduced hands-free lifting across its operations to enhance workplace safety when dealing with suspended loads.

Hands-free lifting rolled out for Mammoet Australia

Source: Mammoet

Traditionally, handling suspended loads or manoeuvring items during release and pre-tensioning has involved significant manual intervention, posing risks to workers and potential for human error. Hands-free lifting, which includes the use of taglines and push-pull sticks of varying lengths and designs, avoids direct contact with suspended loads while they are connected to lifting devices. 

The push/pull sticks can be used to adjust the position and orientation of loads without the need for hands-on manipulation, keeping workers at a safe distance. They also allow for taglines to be retrieved remotely, which avoids workers walking into the drop zone. 

The implementation of this work practice began in early 2023 at Mammoet’s yards and project sites in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. Since then, it has become standard across all Mammoet Australia operations. 

Ryan Binedell, safety, health, environment and quality (SHEQ) Manager at Mammoet Australia, said: “It is our priority to advance the industry’s safe practices. While the use of hands-free lifting tools isn’t new to the industry, it’s often been seen as optional and utilised when convenient. 

“Elimination and substitution are the most accessible and effective control measures in hazard management. So we aim to integrate hands-free lifting from the outset of any task where the use of hands can be avoided.”