December 31 - Hareket has transported and installed two GE gas turbine and generator sets from Samsun port to the Ic Anadolu combined cycle power plant in Kirikkale, Turkey.

The gas turbines, each of which weighed 305 tonnes and had the dimensions 10.38 m x 4.95 m x 5 m, were transported from the Turkish port to the jobsite using a 2x14 axle line low girder bridge trailer.

The generators, each weighing 256 tonnes and measuring 9.1 m x 5.21 m x 4.34 m, were transported the 350 km to the jobsite using a 22-axle line hydraulic trailer.

On arrival at the site the turbines were hydraulically lowered onto the ground using the girder bridge, while the generators were unloaded from the trailer using a hydraulic gantry system.

The cargo was then moved underneath a 400-tonne capacity Hydrospex spindle jack system using 14 axle lines of SPMT for installation.