April 22 - Specialized Rail Transport reports that during the first quarter of 2011, it has been kept busy with the movement of several Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG)s with three separate shipments of 13 units each from the US east coast.

HRSGs are quite a common cargo for SRT says the company's president Bob Felix, who also reports that the SRT's capabilities were tested to the limit by a recent request to handle the transport of a transformer weighing over 180 tonnes. 

There were multiple restrictions on the original route chosen, so SRT selected a different port and there were difficulties in acquiring a rail car with the necessary specifications for the cargo's clearance requirements. SRT's alternate solution used a rail car that required special handling along certain points on the route. Travelling as a special train service, the shipment arrived on schedule. 

Meanwhile Felix says he is looking forward to attending the annual conference of the Railway Industrial Clearance Association (RICA) which will take place in Portland, Oregon, from June 12 -15. SRT will, once again, be an exhibitor. 

Felix encourages all readers to check out RICA's new website - www.rica.org which has a lot more information, Twitter Feed, Facebook page, and much much more.