July 15 - An oil and gas development in the cold of the Barents Sea due to come on-stream in two years, is providing project cargo and heavy lift off-shore opportunities for HLPFI readers.

One such operator involved in the construction of ENI Norge's Goliat oil field is Havator Transport, responsible for special transport at the port of Rypefjord, Norway in relation to this development.

ENI Norge is preparing for development of the Goliat field located in the Barents Sea. Havator Transport's special expertise in transfers of Goliat project's subsea templates from storage area to port of Rypefjord has involved 32-axles of SPMT equipment on site and a team to operate.

"The Goliat site move operation was the first major SPMT contract for Havator Transport in the Norwegian oil and gas industry and therefore very significant," says Timo Riiho, managing director of Havator Transport.

Havator Transport activities, performed on behalf of Technip on site in Rypefjord, included moving eight 320-tonne templates at a storage area in port of Rypefjord after the templates had been delivered to Rypefjord by heavy lift vessels in two consignments and Havator moved the units from the quayside onto a storage area.